Year of the Bookwormz: 2011

52 weeks. 2 friends. 1 challenge.

Book #33: Fabookulous September 19, 2010

Natural to Super Natural Health by David Herzog

Book description: Natural to Super Natural Health releases the secrets to dropping the unwanted fat and keeping it off; reversing your body’s age and making you look many years younger; super-energizing your body; discovering the raw power of miracle superfoods; supercharging your immune system; naturally healing your teeth and even re-growing enamel; rebalancing your hormones and bringing your mind, body, spirit, and emotions into alignment; reprogramming your mind for total success, unleashing and achieving your destiny; unlocking spiritual realms; reducing stress; knowing the latest scientific discoveries; and tapping into the highest power source that exists today as you go from natural to super natural health!

Does this sound like a infomercial yet?? This book almost annoys with all of the claims it makes. Yet, I’m drawn to learning WHY foods are good for you. We all know what healthy foods are, but I like to know the fun stuff like what vitamins you get and benefits you’ll reap from what you eat. (For example, did you know-and this was not in this book- that two kiwi have the same blood thinning affects as aspirin?)

Anyway, I entered a giveaway for a galley copy of this book long ago. Having forgotten about that, last week I came home to find it came in the mail. The publisher included a note saying this was the finished copy as they ran out of galleys and the author wanted everyone who requested a copy to receive one. Well, they should have slowed down before going to print because there are several obvious mistakes and typos in this book (for example, you do not loose weight, you lose weight), but I have flagged these pages and will let the publisher know what to correct before printing again.

Poorly written, not well researched at all (7 resources to back up all of those claims??), and spoken with a “know it all” attitude, I didn’t like it from page one. But I put myself through it anyway. The introduction tells you how this book will change your life and it was then that I immediately knew it was bologna. It’s also an organic promoting, vegetarian prompting book in disguise. I hate being misled but understand marketing is part of selling your books. David Herzog uses this book more as a journal of what HE does on a daily basis (and to tell you why you should be just like him) rather than as a training tool to educate others on the benefits of “superfoods.”

Thanks, but no thanks. This was not a good book and I don’t recommend it. If you ARE looking for a great book that explains the nutritional value of different fruits/vegetables/meats/liquids, etc, then I’d recommend The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth by Jonny Bowden. Colorful pictures, well researched facts, and clear categories and rankings, you’ll feel healthier just picking up Bowden’s book. The only pictures in Natural to Super Natural Health are of decayed teeth. Ick!

Do NOT waste your time with this.

0/5 stars.