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Library trend spotlight:: Esty finds~ Circulate and renew! February 12, 2010

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Check out this super fun blog:

“Were you one of those kids who used library time to rub your feet on the carpets to generate static electricity or naughtily browse the National Geographics to ogle the naked people? Well, now is the time to renew your library card and get a bit more serious about quiet hour. From card catalog dressers to book necklaces, vintage paperbacks, plaid skirts and horn rimmed glasses, the library trend is popping up everywhere in fashion and home decor. Check out the following Etsy Finds for just a few examples of library themed items that are currently in circulation”.

Click here or on the image of the card catalog to go directly!

Thanks to Tiffany for suggesting I check it out!

Xoxo, LibraryLove

ps- glad to see others loving the library, and not just me :O)


Library Trend Spotlight:: Around the world through books! January 26, 2010

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Need book suggestions?
Look no further than my fellow blogger, A Striped Armchair, and her blog:
Check out her Travel By Books 2009 wrap up.
What a fun and inventive way to read books from around the globe!




It was a two dog night…

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..when I began to reflect upon the ups and downs of the last decade. The end of a decade to me signals a time of contentment. The last decade for me was one of major personal growth and triumph. What about you? What major milestones come to mind when you think back on the last 10 years? Most likely you had your fair share of successes and losses, as we all did. But as we lay 2009 to rest, let’s be thankful for the little things in life. I’m thankful to have a warm, loving, safe place to lay my head at night where cares of the day fall away.

Having two dogs keep my feet warm while I read before bed isn’t too shabby either…

Happy New Year everyone, and we’ll see you in 2010 for the beginning of our challenge!

Xoxo, LibraryLove

PS- Love and patronize your local library!